About Us

As a fellowship we are committed to a threefold mission:

  • Reaching up to God in joyful and meaningful praise and worship,
  • Reaching in to nurture and disciple those called to fellowship with us, and
  • Reaching out to share with others the wonderful good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

This mission is carried out through our individual and shared ministries.

Doctrines of our church come from our denominational headquarters using the Bible alone as the basis for our beliefs.

Some character traits of our church:

  • lift up the Name of our Savior, Jesus, in every way;
  • willingness to change, admit error, and be corrected;
  • enjoy fellowship, committed to one another;
  • very accepting of others – inclusive of all races and income levels;
  • care about biblical truth and knowing & living what the Bible says;
  • practice being a “ministry of all believers” and empower each member for his/her ministry;
  • consider our church a hospital for sinners and not a display case for “perfect” people;
  • care about what God wants in our lives and understand that Christianity is a way of life;
  • understand that a church is the people — not a building;
  • reach out to help others to have a better life – in the here-and-now – not just in the future;
  • respect for our leadership.

If you have an unanswered question, please write to Pastor Richard Kissel.